For centuries, flags have been used to symbolize everything from nations to basic beliefs. Whether flying high over a castle, a war ship or a local place for worship, flags are used as a simple visual way of communicating. Today, flags are still used every day in many of the same ways they've been used in the past. However, as technology has taken off new venues have appeared for flags. At, we've got royalty free cell phone wallpaper, desktop wallpaper, screensavers, buddyicons, avatars and more in our vast image library of flags. Whether your downloading vector graphics such as clip art flags, or picture flags we've got a huge selection for you to download and do with as you please. Our vector downloads allow you to print free flag pictures at any resolution. Whether you print t-shirts or on paper our high resolution SVG and JPEG options will give you a crisp clear printable flag pictures every time.

The flag of Mexico has held different meanings over time but the current flag in place has been used since 1968, however the design of the flag has been in use in one form or another since 1821. The three colors of the vertical striped flag are Green, White and Red, in that order from the hoist side of the flag to the fly. Green being the color of the Independence movement, white being the color of purity in the Catholic Faith and red representing the blood of the National Heroes. It is said it stands for Hope, Purity and Union. The emblem on the cent of the flag is reminiscent of the Aztec heritage of the country. As legend has it, the gods told the Aztec's to establish their new city where they came across an eagle perched on a prickly pear tree, eating a serpent. This location is now the main plaza within Mexico City. The emblem on the flag is also the Coat of Arms of Mexico.


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