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The flag of the United States of America displays thirteen equal horizontal stripes alternating of red and white from top to bottom, seven red stripes and six white. The stripes are representative of the thirteen original colonies that rebelled against British control. The canton, the upper flag-hoist side corner of the flag, consists of a blue background with fifty, five-point, stars representing the fifty states in the union. The flag has undergone many changes to get to the look it represents today, but each official flag has maintained the thirteen stripes. The flag has gone through a variety of looks from thirteen stars to fifty, and even older flags like the Grand Union flag which held a similar looking flag to the Union Jack, flown in the United Kingdom today, in the canton. The Grand Union flag is often referred to as the first United States flag but never held official status within the country. The first official flag was a thirteen star version but the question of who designed it remains a mystery. For more information of the history of the United States Flag, visit the Flag Detective's American History Page!

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